The Cage is a learning experience format based on immersion in a psychological thriller in which the participants interact to determine the outcome of the story.
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It’s an interactive movie series

At the end of each episode there is a choice: the participants will be asked to put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists and collectively decide how to resolve the situation to the best effect.

Each decision leads to a different outcome in the plot.

The Cage is an experience that works on various different levels:
An exciting
A game
A management and
team-building exercise
The story

12 people who do not know each other wake up inside a bunker from which they cannot escape. The guard soon appears, and makes them play a twisted game involving a series of mysterious challenges.

With each challenge they complete, the guard will release one person…

The Gamne

Each episode is a challenge. All of the prisoners can be released only after a minimum of 7 episodes.

How to play

You can experience The Cage with an app on your PC or smartphone or with especially innovative live experiences.

Competence dashboard
Managers today live in an increasingly complex and interconnected environment in which they are called upon to deploy and develop new skills. The Cage allows them to analyse and develop the four most vital key skills they require to deal with complex situations.
icona mirino
The ability to launch into action, to decide and to act quickly in order to reach an objective.
icona reading
The ability to understand the situation you are dealing with (the variables at stake, the point in time, the relational dynamics etc...)
icona complex
The ability to employ a prospective, systemic vision of how the situation is changing (full awareness of the consequences of your actions and those of others).
icona generation
The propensity to reveal, through your own actions and decisions, a relational context that is potentially favourable to the achievement of a shared goal.
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