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Can training really have an impact on business results? At Newton, we believe it can. Targeted development pathways designed to engage the salesforce and commercial teams can bring immediate but sustainable results—making a difference in the quality and quantity of the service offered to the market.

Newton’s salesforce training

Our sales training works on two core aspects at the same time: supporting sales techniques and a vision of the commercial environment, placing the sales persona and the customer’s perspective at the centre. This dual approach ensures that the training is always contextualised to the specific market we are working in, avoiding the mainstream ‘one size fits all’ method that is commonly accepted but not very helpful in today’s world.

Sales training has various objectives. It is designed to give sales managers the skills and tools they need to handle their sales and retail teams and agents, in the role of business partner to support growth and increase commercial performance. The objective for sales advisers is to reinforce their knowledge of the product or service they are selling, while building trust-based long-term relations with customers and prospects and boosting their own results.

The continuous impulse towards evolution offered by the digital transformation is changing the sphere of action and the roles involved in sales work. The widespread omnichannel model is changing and this will alter the impact of sales on business results. Newton can support people in this evolution, compatibly with the transformation of our clients’ ‘customer journey’.

Empowering skills for sales networks

Newton designs training programmes for sales managers and the field force, to evolve their roles and develop the behavioural skills needed to ensure an immediate impact on the business. With advanced training, sales managers and field agents can communicate clearly and effectively, identifying their customers’ wants and needs and then offering solutions to match.

For sales networks, Newton designs integrated, customised projects that also include the acquisition of self-efficacy skills for optimised time management. People need to be able to plan their own work, manage their existing customers and prospects, and organise their sales activities efficiently and effectively.

We also use design thinking tools, bringing new customer perspectives into the classroom so that the company can co-design a method based on its real situation or future challenges.

Finally, we put together sales simulations so that the trainee can prepare for the task in a controlled environment and gain experiences which they can then use in the workplace.

Training methods for sales networks

Sales training can take the form of classroom sessions, in-person or digital training events, webinars, e-learning or individual coaching sessions.

These methods are often used as part of engagement programmes where the aim is to build a real community. This not only increases collective commitment but also favours continuous learning and the sharing of best practices.

It’s fundamentally important to adapt the training offer to the specific needs of the team, the company and its industry. For this reason, Newton constructs each programme and every training session on the basis of a careful reading of the client’s business and of its specific culture and organisation. For Newton, sales training is a continuous process. We see ourselves as advisors and mentors, operating in an ever-changing market where the customers’ needs and trends are in constant flux.

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