About us

“What labels me, negates me.”

Soren Kierkegaard

Newton occupies a special place in the market.
We cannot define ourselves merely as:
a training company,

a design and consultancy studio,
an events agency,
a digital agency.

We systematiseskills and languages in these areas, with the aim of transforming the way organisations work and their interaction with clients, stakeholders and society.

Newton’s chosen role is to work on the continuous generation of trajectories, options and alternatives.

Why we do it

It is difficult to say «what we» do, but it is easy to recognise a «Newton» project.

We work to revolutionise business practices. We generate experiences that form individual and collective memories, to build social and organisational identity.
Each of our activities is designed to encourage new interaction experiences between employees and employers and between companies and clients.
We believe in creating experiences in which people are actors and authors.
Innovation is what drives our working methods. We do not believe that there is only one correct method, tool, or technique for all situations. Instead, we believe in the need to support the client with an open innovation model.

What we do

We conceive, design and build “stories”, face-to-face and online, that allow people to move forward in constant evolution.

How we do it

We dedicate ourselves to enhancing the talent and uniqueness of people in organisations, developing collective intelligence, inclusion and innovation, and facilitating the emergence of enlightened leadership capable of managing complexity in a way that benefits everyone. We combine digital and live tools to build new horizons of collective advantage by adding meaning and value to events, training courses and educational paths.

We work to build modern, ethical, sustainable and inclusive organisations and social systems that are fit for a complex and constantly evolving world.

Where we do it

We work closely with our clients to develop a way forward modelled on their specific requirements for change.

(In) every project,
a seed of innovation.