KUBE is a development accelerator for management and those with perceived potential.

It’s an “extended-release” immersive experience based on the use of the Room, the simulated technology environment.

KUBE tests trainees on the 4 key skills for managing complex situations.

KUBE’s efficacy is directly proportional to the willingness of the trainee to shoulder the responsibility for their training.

KUBE immerses the trainee in a multifaceted business tale (the launch of a new product, entering new markets, governance issues, management and team engagement etc...) in which they are required to make decisions to influence the outcome by deploying strategic and executive leadership abilities.
The different branches the story can lead off into are managed and performed by a group of specialist actors, by a consultant overseeing the exercise and by the technical team inside the room: a whole group in the service of one individual.

The trainee is completely immersed in the story and is able to interact solely with the KUBE world through the actors and technology in the room.

The requests made of the trainee are designed to call up behavioural attributes relating to the 4 key skills for coping with complexity. These also form the basis for a constantly rolling scoring system.

Key skills
icona mirino

The ability to launch into action, to decide and to act quickly in order to reach an objective.

icona reading

The ability to understand the situation you are dealing with (the variables at stake, the point in time, the relational dynamics etc...)

icona reading

The ability to employ a prospective, systemic vision of how the situation is changing (full awareness of the consequences of your actions and those of others).

icona reading

The propensity to reveal, through your own actions and decisions, a relational context that is potentially favourable to the achievement of a shared goal.

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The narrative world of KUBE doesn’t fall short of a full cinematic universe: KUBE universe
We have created the following programmes within the Kube Universe:
KUBE Complexity Executive
KUBE Complexity Middle Management
KUBE People
KUBE Agile
KUBE Sales B2B
KUBE Sales B2C Retail
KUBE Sales B2C

Each programme may be used for training sessions or individual assessment, or as an innovative launchpad for seminars and team coaching activities.

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