Factory Newton

Roma > Via Francesco Caracciolo 23/A

È This is a pioneering place, a complex of interconnected spaces which encourage the creation of collaborative experiences, events and training sessions.

This space has been designed to explore the spread of information, approaches and technology between individuals and to encourage creative thinking. Factory Newton, a place which creates the most powerful experiences. The Factory is also Newton’s laboratory, where we design, experiment and breathe life into immersive training products and experiences. The industrial architecture of the complex and its regular surroundings make the Factory the ideal place for collaborative experiences that are out of the ordinary. Innovative technologies such as the Room Experience present original animation solutions for events and seminars.


The Factory complex is made up of 3 independent areas equipped with next-gen audio-visual technology. The areas are located around a shared courtyard, creating an environment for unique events.

  • One 350m2 open space room
  • One 80m2 square shaped room
  • One 100m2 rectangular room


Factory map


  • Audio-visual projectors
  • Wireless microphones
  • Audio-video connection between the different areas
  • Basic training for small and large groups
  • Lighting system
  • Modular stage
  • Catering service