We do this by bringing together the expertise of our people in a range of key areas; from communication to design, from psychology to organisational studies and from digital skills to business strategy, and by combining different approaches.

Our core mission includes management consulting, events and live communication.

Ever since the start, we have had the same clear vision – offering unparalleled choice and detail in our product range. This includes sharing vital terminology and expertise in management, complexity theory, edutainment, the digital transformation, design, the science behind effective communication and the art of stagecraft.

Every business consultancy project we undertake, whether it involves training, “live” or digital communication, is always treated as the first chapter in a story of transformation of the workplace culture. In our approach, changing the environment is the only way to bring about significant change in organisational behaviour.

We have a team of over 60 people ready to assist you..


Innovation is at the heart of our methods.

We believe that when it comes to methods, tools or techniques, there is no suitable “one-size-fits-all” approach. We believe in an open and innovative model tailored to support the client.

Or, put simply: we believe in creating experiences in which the individual is both actor and author.

Our mission is to help you achieve your Happily Ever After

Creating the environment people want

We convey the strategy through use of a narrative that is easy to understand and buy into.


We assist in shaping the foundations of a shared identity and sketching out an individual and collective narrative.


We create a workplace environment which significantly empowers positive organisational behaviour.


We explore new directions to identify things which we cannot even envision today.