People Management

/ˈpipəɫ/. /ˈmænədʒmənt/

What is people management?


Engagement is the first step. This is about attracting the best talents, right from the recruitment stage.


Participation is the next step. Here, the engaged participant starts to play an active role in reaching the company’s objectives.


Enterprise: the employee is now fully engaged with the business objectives and their aim is to grow and develop over the long term.


Maintenance is a set of strategies, programmes, activities and people management methods that allow companies to retain their staff, grow their talent and fulfil their natural aspirations.

What does people management look like?

Working in people management means exploring the corporate culture at a deep level. People management can’t be developed in an abstract way, but by contextualising actions tailored to the context and the corporate culture.

People management and skills empowerment

At Newton, empowering skills through people management takes the form of a training pathway based entirely on specific needs or coaching and mentoring programmes, which can be used in supporting and observing an individual’s performance on the ground.

At Newton, skills development means knowing how to engage people on a pathway of informed, sustainable growth by working directly on their motivation and empowerment.

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