Skills development:

Empowering Soft Skills by Newton


It comes from the verb “Empower”, which literally means enabling someone to gain the skills they need to become more capable and more fulfilled.

What is meant by “skills empowerment”?

1. Creating effective pathways for people to grow within an organisation, by developing skills that reflect the strategies of the business.

2. Building a valid method of skills appraisal, so that each criterion can be measured and evaluated within complex situations.

Building an organisation focused on motivation that encourages people to work hard, thanks to a more sustainable, inclusive climate within the organisation.

4. Fuelling and protecting the cohesion between business objectives, the appraisal process, skills development and personal aspirations.

Why focus on skills empowerment?

We offer skills empowerment programmes in a range of innovative formats and products, combining depth of content with engaging, leading-edge experiences, making deep learning fun and enjoyable.

We are committed to promoting individual talents and qualities within the corporate environment, developing collective intelligence, inclusion, innovation and a wise, sustainable leadership style capable of governing complexity for the common good. To reach those new horizons for the benefit of everyone, we need to build a dialogue between ‘digital’ and ‘live’ to give meaning and value to each event and training programme.


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