Team Development


The importance of team development

Structuring and building a team takes time and dedication. A team is made up of people, first and foremost, and the relationships they establish with each other. Team development works on a relational, human level, offering people the tools they need to maintain, update and adapt their team to the evolving professional context.

The advantages of team development


It facilitates and enables the individual and collective growth of every team member, strengthening the bonds over time and fully preparing them to tackle the challenges they face.


Team development forms part of a strategic long-term growth plan and ties in with the other technical and business activities of the company.


The aim is not to create problems, but to prevent them and design a context in which issues can quickly be identified and then resolved.


This helps to develop an awareness of the impact that each member has on the company as a whole, and of how important each person is.

Team development and active listening

Active listening is a core aspect of team development. Colleagues have to learn to understand, respect and value each other, then combine their individual experiences in order to reach common goals.

Newton’s advisory services often include activities designed to improve communication between team members. Open, transparent communication helps to create a workplace environment in which everyone feels free to express ideas and share concerns and discuss grey areas, errors or failures.

Setting clear goals and roles within the team is another vitally important aspect. Team members need a clear understanding of their shared objectives and the role of each person working within an ecosystem of interconnected, interdependent individuals.

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