Corporate Evolution


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What does corporate evolution mean for Newton?


Corporate evolution can be expressed through training, advisory, events or communication campaigns targeted according to the specific culture and context of the company and its human capital – the people who live the company day-to-day. With more than 20 years’ experience, we never get tired of supporting, mentoring and driving change.


Integrating teamwork and people with diverse skills. Newton is Bright Box, fizzing with ideas and containing a multitude of different companies, business areas, experiential venues and innovative products. We can deliver versatile, hybrid solutions of unusual breadth and depth.

A company choosing Newton gains access to a fluid ecosystem that adapts to fit the client. A single partner catering for a complete range of requirements and solutions which could never be delivered through a traditional vertical model.


This is the result of a group effort by our team of +60 advisors, who combine their individual skills with active listening, in order to offer each client fully customised models for growth and innovation.

Corporate culture development programmes

Newton designs growth pathways that can really impact the corporate culture, opening it up to experimentation. In an environment in which creative thought and risk-taking are encouraged, people feel free to explore new ideas and suggest improvements. They are free to express themselves.

A willingness to listen to feedback and the desire to learn from mistakes or failures is fundamentally important when it comes to driving evolution. This is precisely where Newton comes in, by developing appraisals and projects that are feasible, concrete and inclusive.

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