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Can training impact business results? According to us at Newton, yes, through targeted development programs involving sales management and the sales force. It’s possible to achieve immediate and sustainable results, making a difference in the market both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Newton’s Sales Training for Sales Networks

Newton believes that sales training and development programs are a way to foster a culture focused on developing skills that enable salespeople to embrace new and ongoing business challenges. Achieving this often requires abandoning past successful models and aiming for increasingly challenging and complex sales goals. Developing and changing habits can sometimes seem superhuman, which is one of the reasons why Newton builds and shapes true cultural change programs using a range of initiatives, including events (live and digital), social learning and engagement platforms, training (in-person and via webinars), coaching, and workshops. This approach involves continuous engagement with managers and salespeople, triggering virtuous cycles of change and growth.

Our training simultaneously focuses on two central aspects: support for sales techniques and the perspective of the sales context, placing the individuality of the salesperson and the customer’s perspective at the center. This combination results in training that is always tailored to the specific reference markets in which we are called to operate, avoiding the standardization of approaches that are currently of little use and acceptance within networks.

Commercial training has several objectives. For sales managers, it aims to provide skills and tools to manage sales teams, distribution, and agencies, playing the role of a business partner to facilitate growth and increase sales results. For sales personnel, the goal is to reinforce their knowledge of the products or services they must sell and to build trust-based, lasting relationships with clients and prospects in a sustainable manner, thereby increasing their results.

The constant contributions to evolution offered by digitization continue to change the scope of action and the roles of sales, and the extensive development of omnichannel is changing and will change the impacts of sales on business results. Newton is capable of guiding individuals through this evolution in line with the transformation of our clients’ customer journeys.

Skills Development for Sales Networks

Newton sees training for sales management and sales networks as a path of role evolution and, consequently, the development of those behavioral competencies necessary to have an immediate impact on business. Sales managers and sales personnel, through advanced training, can communicate clearly and effectively, identify customer needs, and propose solutions that meet those needs.

For sales network training, Newton envisions integrated and personalized projects that also include the acquisition of self-efficacy skills, the development of one’s network and sales funnel, consultative selling techniques, negotiation, and persuasion. People should also be capable of planning their work, managing their contacts (customers and prospects), and sales activities effectively and efficiently.

Additionally, we use design thinking tools to bring a different customer perspective into the classroom, allowing us to collaborate with the company to design a method tailored to the context it is facing and the upcoming challenges it will encounter.

Training ways for sales networks

Training for sales networks can be delivered through training sessions (in-person or digital), e-learning, or individual coaching. These methods are often embedded within engagement programs where actual communities are formed.

These communities not only ensure greater collective commitment but also facilitate continuous learning and the sharing of best practices.

It’s essential to tailor training to the specific needs of teams, the company, and the dynamics of the relevant industry. That’s why Newton customizes each training program and intervention with a careful analysis of the client’s business, cultural specifics, and organizational requirements. For Newton, the design of sales network training is an ongoing process. We position ourselves as consultants and support figures in an environment where customer needs and market trends are constantly changing.

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