Corporate team building

/tɛam buɪlɟɪnk/

Team building powered by Newton

1. Time

Corporate team building is a time when people first of all gain awareness of being part of a team—not being alone, not having to carry the full weight of responsibility but being able to share the burden.

2. Opportunity

Corporate team building is an opportunity to gain knowledge that goes beyond formalities—not just to explore with a curious mind but to understand that a person doesn’t leave their social identity behind when they come to work.

3. Communication

Corporate team building might in some cases mean listening to other people, for the first time. This is possible because problems and deadlines are set aside as far as possible, allowing the emergence of a dimension to be cultivated.

4. Experience

Building the group through team building takes skill, the ability to plan and handle interpersonal relationships, because it involves people directly, with no limits or barriers.

5. Creativity

Newton firmly believes that team building is a complex issue. For this reason, there has been a proliferation of team building and empowerment programmes in recent years.

Why team building?

Team building is a key element in building solid workplace relationships, promoting team work and boosting the productivity of individual members and of the team as a whole.

Our corporate team building activities go beyond the theme park concept. We encourage participants to embark on a pathway of personal, professional and collective growth.

A close-knit team is more agile when it comes to tackling complex issues and new challenges. It can respond better and with greater awareness to the different trade-offs we encounter on a daily basis, identifying opportunities and solving problems creatively and innovatively.

Team building: different formats and broad-spectrum settings

Newton puts together custom-built team building programmes, based on the specific needs and objectives of each client.

These activities can take many forms: role-playing, problem solving exercises, sports or outdoor pursuits. The metaphors and languages used in the exercises may be inspired by the world of television, theatre, cuisine or the new media. The important thing is that these activities focus primarily on communication, mutual trust and cooperation between team members—not on the emotional experience as an end in itself.

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