Emilgroup 60°

Celebratory event to mark the company’s 60th anniversary

On its 60th anniversary, Emilgroup opened the doors to its head office for an extraordinary event that reinvented the concept of space and transformed the company’s story into performance art.


Emilceramica was founded in 1961. That same year began the path to the future that is today’s present.

To celebrate Emilgroup’s 60th anniversary, Newton S.p.A. sought to celebrate the company’s history in all its complexity, choosing a selection of innovative channels, subjects and tools that were able to convey the creativity that has always been the hallmark of Emilgroup’s products.

The event took place within the company’s spaces, with the goal of telling a story from the place in which it happened, with the direct involvement of the manufacturing, sales force, board, stakeholders, business clients: a story of people and interactions, that found its medium in a multiple-day event that coincided with CERSAIE, the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings.

The event sought to create a sort of showroom of innovative products, a shop window for Emilgroup’s corporate storytelling, as an iconic force of innovation in the sector.


1961: The year in which the first man went to space and in which Emilceramica was founded: it is the start of a pathway that brought the company to the moment of its 60th anniversary in 2021

Sixty years after its founding, Emilgroup continues to look to the future, drawing inspiration from those space pioneers, taking the imagination of architects and designers and making them reality. This was the launchpad for an ambitious structural project designed to engage the participants in a tangible and moving display of storytelling: one show, three scattered artistic performances (water and life, fire and material, energy and the future) enjoyed over the course of a dinner that was held in full adherence to the health regulations in place at the time.

Newton S.p.A. designed and created the Emilgroup galaxy: materials, forms, artistic performances and guests, weaving lights, lines, multidimensional orbits that enchant the audience. Through SPACE, Newton S.p.A. designed the past and the future of Emilgroup: a constantly expanding universe, one in which the company and the central force drawing everyone into its orbit is able to guide and shape the space.



days in the Emilgroup head office in Fiorano Modenese


dinner performance


showroom open to customers


evening shows




transparent domes

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