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What is a roadshow (and why do companies host them)?

A corporate roadshow is a promotional tour that gives the company access to a wider audience and the chance to make contact with people face to face, personalising the message and creating interest around a product, service or campaign.

During a roadshow, the leaders of the business will travel from one location to the next to meet potential customers, trade partners, investors and other stakeholders, giving the company a chance to reach a wider, more diverse audience as they take their message straight to ‘the people’.

A roadshow might be used to launch a new product, present an innovation or promote a company campaign.

Why does it make sense to hold a roadshow?

Organising a company roadshow might be a strategic decision designed to create awareness, generate interest, establish relationships, adapt the message to the audience, launch a new product or expand the network of contacts.

A roadshow to remember

By organising a roadshow, a company can generate interest and engagement around a certain topic or campaign. Itinerant events offer companies the opportunity to present their message in an engaging, interactive way, capturing the attention of the audience and creating an experience they’ll remember.

New contacts, new interactions

A roadshow can establish direct, face to face contact with an audience. During an event or presentation, the company’s representatives can meet the audience members directly, answering questions, forging relationships and demonstrating the value of their business through direct interaction.

Product launch roadshows

A roadshow might be particularly effective when it comes to the launch of a product or service. By organising a series of events, a company can build mood and expectation around the new product, arousing the interest of the audience and gathering ‘live’ feedback which can be used to fine-tune the approach in the future.

What support does Newton offer?

Newton takes care of every aspect of organising a corporate roadshow, dealing with everything from the strategic planning to the logistics, producing the presentation, marketing and promotional materials, managing relations with stakeholders and monitoring the results.

Newton’s advisory team works closely with the company to fully understand the objectives, audience and expectations of the context and the market. Using this information, our team will put together a personalised strategy for the client’s roadshow, planning the stages of the tour, dates, locations and calendar of activities.

We handle every aspect of the logistics, including the venue, fit-out, admin, agenda planning, supplier management and anything else needed for an efficient, high-quality event.

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