Product launch

ʔarɛa ɟɪ lant͡sɪjɔ/

“People don’t buy products and services. They buy relationships, stories and magic”.


Seth Godin

The product launch according to Newton

Launching a new product on the market is now more complex than ever. Faced with fluid situations, global uncertainty and the problems involved in uniquely identifying a market, even large companies sometimes invest in disaster projects and nobody, no matter how rich or how big the brand, can successfully predict the outcome of an investment.

Thanks to Newton’s long experience in the industry, we can design and develop coherent product launches, modelled on the client’s needs.

Creating the initial demand

A good launch can help to generate large initial sales of a product or service. By carefully planning the marketing and sales operations, it’s possible to stimulate high initial demand and encourage people to take up the product, generating that initial drive for future success.

A product launch is a question of trust

A product launch can help a company to build a solid reputation for itself and its products. Proper management of the launch, with attention to detail and transparent communication, can build confidence among potential customers by showing that the company is professional, reliable and attentive to what the market wants.

What support does Newton offer in planning a product launch?

Newton’s objective is to support the brand at each step of the launch process by offering strategic planning and thorough execution of each activity. Our Creative and Technical teams have specific expertise in the areas of content production and corporate events.

Newton works with each client company to fully understand the product, the market and the launch objectives. Through a detailed analysis, we will identify the strengths, the market positioning and the most effective.

We assist our clients by offering full support with the management of distribution and retail channels, creating point-of-sale materials and training the players involved.

After analysing the results, we identify the opportunities for improvement and make the changes necessary to maximise the success of the product launch.

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