The evolution of digital events:


The digital revolution of virtual events

When Covid-19 kept us behind closed doors, Newton tried to throw them open. This is how DES Evolution came into being, breaking new ground in staging professional, carefully-curated digital events with great visuals. Newton combines experience with interdisciplinary skills to create, organise and plan top-level digital events backed by professional direction and innovative technologies. DES Evolution is the new face of virtual events: there’s no improvisation, we demand quality in every area.

What are the advantages of DES Evolution for my digital event?

With DES Evolution, Newton offers its clients the opportunity to maximise the quality of their event. The realistic 3D navigable ambience can really help to boost engagement. Newton’s digital studios are designed to create the best possible digital experience: you can even join multiple spaces and link them to a single setting: the studio.


Any wall or surface can be personalised with logos, colours and virtual or real-life objects, to achieve a fully-customised digital corporate event. Into the DES Evolution. The event speakers can be located anywhere, and become integrated into the virtual space—duplicating the effect but not the cost.

Opportunities for interaction

Live events offer a more direct, immediate form of interaction among participants. But this doesn’t mean that digital events can’t also offer highly developed and meaningful opportunities for engagement. Online events can be accessed anywhere at any type of workstation, by smart workers and digital nomads. Online events can be accessed anywhere at any type of workstation, by smart workers and digital nomads.

Digital events offer opportunities for virtual interaction. Newton specialises in creating and developing these opportunities with features such as instant chat, online question and answer sessions or digital surveys, gamification and many more immersive ideas. Although the sensory environment isn’t full-spectrum, DES Evolution engages sight and hearing to create an experience that is as immersive and multisensory as possible.

Organising a digital event and planning the experience

As they are staged online, digital events are generally more flexible and cost less in terms of logistics. But not all agencies and studios are set up like DES Evolution by Newton: the logistics, planning and experience design costs are part of a consolidated package which can be made available to customers in super quick time. In terms of scalability, digital events can reach a much broader public, as they are not restricted by physical limitations such as venue capacity. The online transmission is professionally created by a team of Newton specialists with long experience in the industry, to engage participants from all over the world, giving them a meaningful and lively interaction.

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