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Insights Discovery™

Relations & Emotional Competence

Newton is Insights Discovery™ certified. Over the years, it has developed hundreds of training and development pathways that combine the scientific rigor of the model with its capacity for edutainment, providing participants highly valuable educational moments that are engaging and effective at the same time.


Why does one person tend to tackle issues head-on while others’ natural tendency is to take a softer approach?

Why do some managers impulsively place their trust in the people in front of them, while many others feel an instinctive need for control?

Why do some professionals take a more systemic view, while others lean more towards the analytical?

Why do some people enjoy taking risks, while others would never do so without first examining them from every angle?


Among the primary and often underrated motivations is our interpersonal “mould”: the way we conduct ourselves, communicate and interact with others.

We typically imagine that the way we communicate and behave is “normal” and objective, and we cannot imagine the vast array of ways in which people might instinctively react in a given situation. How often do we struggle to understand another person, even one we have known for ages and have a strong relationship with?

It might be in the way we manage a conversation, a sale, a conflict, a negotiation. Or in the way we tackle a new project, a deadline, or an unexpected challenge.


Insights Discovery™ is rooted in Jungian psychological models, in particular one of the celebrated Swiss psychoanalyst’s seminal works: Psychological Types.


Using these pathways, many corporate groups (managers, professionals, sales and marketing) are able to improve their work environment, to overcome challenges of customer centricity with external clients as well as perhaps from other areas or teams within the business, or with suppliers and subcontractors.

And not only that: they end up with a much better understanding of themselves and of others. That is why they are able to have a far more effective impact when it comes to building more fluid, trusting and sustainable relationships, inside the office and away from it. They remember the activity as an engaging and memorable training experience, an authentic moment of awareness and personal growth.

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