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What is Iperdesign?

Iperdesign designs and builds custom digital platforms, mobile apps and websites for large companies, SMEs and start-ups.

For more than 20 years, we have applied the principles of user-centred design to create simple, personalised, scalable and innovative digital experiences.

Iperdesign and Newton

Iperdesign became part of the Newton Group in 2021, although the two companies have worked together since 2015 when they developed “ON”, a digital platform for training and corporate engagement.

In 2018, this collaboration led to The Cage, an original educational format and the first immersive TV series, which is used to train people’s capacity to deal with highly complex situations.

Since 2021, Iperdesign has developed all the digital products for the Newton Group: immersive learning experiences, digital platforms, and apps.

The Iperdesign approach

The Iperdesign approach is an effective combination of three intertwined disciplines: User Experience, Digital Design and Smart Development.


User Experience (or UX Design) is all about understanding the emotions, intentions and needs of the client company, to then design a solution that will improve the user’s experience of a product or service Research, a study of the architecture of the information used, and testing usability are just some of the key elements Iperdesign uses in order to create a winning UX.


Digital design is the capacity to build intuitive, engaging and fully customised digital interfaces. Iperdesign creates each visual element in detail, and then puts them all together to create a layout with a strong visual impact that matches the brand identity.


Smart development refers to the use of Agile methodology, scalability and transparency of code. The agile development methods used by Iperdesign are based on an iterative, collaborative development concept that allows for rapid adaptation to the client’s needs.

Why choose Iperdesign?

  • Because we create smart, secure digital solutions.
  • Because we combine the simplicity of the UX with attentive design and transparency of code.
  • Because we are helping to build a sustainable, quality future for people and for businesses.

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