Newton and immersive learning: Kube


Immersive learning is an educational approach designed to engage students in an exciting interactive learning environment.

What is Kube?

Kube è un’Immersive Learning Experience, un acceleratore di sviluppo per figure manageriali e talenti. Dentro Kube potrete cimentarvi in una storia di business complessa ed estremamente coinvolgente. Kube is an immersive simulation, in which the participant plays an active role in the development of a story, through live interaction with the key roles, played by a team of actors.

Room: an immersive simulation environment

Kube is set in the “Room”, an immersive simulation environment designed to allow the development of a story or sequence of situations animated by digital technologies and actors led by the director. Through a “try and learn” approach, the Room allows people to play out situations in complex contexts. As the participants always have a view of the impact of their actions, this method can reveal the attitudes, behaviours and skills needed to solve problems, handle relationships and take complex decisions in time-pressured situations.

Kube is part of the “Room” methodology, a business story set in an imaginary corporate universe populated by events and people who are “activated” by the directors. The ‘lead roles’ and ‘supporting roles’ play along with the participants in the Room, in a narrative universe starring specialised actors.

Kube Complexity: building the skills to manage complex situations

Kube uses various aspects of the original story in order to train skills in areas such as decision making, agile culture, equity and complexity management.

The most common application is Kube Complexity, (similar to The Cage), which tests four key skills needed to govern complex situations:


  • Results Orientation, the ability to decide and act quickly to reach an objective
  • Context Reading, the ability to understand a situation and the variables at stake, the point in time and the relational dynamics
  • Complex Thinking, the capacity to predict how a situation will evolve based on your own actions and those of others
  • Context Generation, the ability to use your own actions and decisions to engineer a relational context that will help you to reach a shared goal


Kube can be used for individual or group development work, in virtual or in-person settings at the tech room in the Newton Factory, Rome.

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