Esprinet – Customer Centricity Program

Pathway that addresses the challenges of managing the “internal client” (colleagues) and external clients (suppliers, end users).

Esprinet, a leading company in tech distribution in Italy and the Iberian Peninsula (approximately 1700 employees), invests in the centrality of the client. Since 2020, Esprinet has been working with Newton to develop a unique programme, the first of its kind in Italy: innovative, articulate, multi-year.

  • Improve online and offline client management


  • Increase trust toward the “internal client” (colleagues)


  • Improve relationships with suppliers


  • Manage the company’s growth and expansion, including abroad, by creating an environment based on meaningful collaboration between people and teams


  • Fighting back against a “silo” mentality

The project begins with an analysis of the environment, interviews and surveys examining the corporate culture, developing focus groups with corporate ambassadors, and a video documentary for internal distribution with a creative and educational style intended to raise awareness of customer centricity and increased engagement.


The second part of the pathway involved the use of Newton’s app to build up customer centricity capacity through interactive videos: Esprinet’s challenge of customer centricity, employing professional actors and employees, became a full-on, real TV series.


The project continued with the creation of working groups, including one dedicated to “positive speech” which led to the creation of an internal company radio station, Good Words Radio, presented by speakers from Newton with guests from inside and outside the company.

The “Colors” working group produced the ideas and the script for the Esprinet Colors pathway, based on different relationship styles. Last but not least, Animals was a project that carried out an innovative and original analysis which sought for the company’s different teams and business units to “imagine themselves” outside of the box.

Project activities
Analysis of corporate culture and creation of ad hoc reports
Creating Esprinet CX ambassador community
Planning Esprinet CX video-documentary
Online training for the entire Italian workforce
Planning and developing a fully digital app with interactive videos
Developing a script for the Esprinet CX TV series
Planning in-platform gaming activities
Developing and implementing operational working teams
Planning and implementing corporate video, radio and podcast Good Words Radio
Project activities
Italian-Spanish intercultural analysis and analysis of corporate culture of Esprinet Spain
Designing a custom Esprinet CX Spain pathway
Preparing The Esprinet Colors: online training pathway
Planning a fully digital app with interactive Colors videos and infographics
Developing a script for The Esprinet Colors TV series
Process and analyses, reporting findings on the Animals survey

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