V Radio Experience

Engagement format that utilises communication and interaction models borrowed from radio and TV.

Programme to engage the company’s workforce and drive a cultural shift.
Use of comic video-radio format for various initiatives tied to engagement and culture change.

  • Driving engagement


  • Effective means of providing information on business content


  • Employ a light-hearted format to training that places the workforce in the centre


  • Activate participants through a remote contest via a dedicated platform

V-Radio with presenters from Newton is based on established models for radio built on entertainment, with interviews and light-hearted features, actors, performers, listener testimonies and the staff at the heart of it all. This is a modular programme that can be adapted for different purposes: from training to team building, from information to entertainment.


Newton has extensive experience with radio-based applications for business. With Video-Radio, a cross-section of skills has been employed, from writing to management of the technical aspects and distribution/direction entrusted to consultants who are fluent in the media language.

Available in podcast form (downloadable in asynchronous form) as well as live (to liven up specific moments: training sessions, meetings, events), it has a proven track record of engagement and efficiency and allows cross-media integration and flexibility.

V Radio can also be employed for an internal contest to drive engagement.

Over the years, many clients have chosen V Radio Experience, including: ACEA Energia, Allianz VIVA, Autostrade per l’Italia, AXA, Banca Findomestic, Fastweb, HDI, Sara, Telecom, Vodafone.

Project activities
Client brief and joint drafting of topics for recording and customised feature sections
Coming up with ideas and creating sets for videos and graphics based on the client’s brand identity
Production and post-production of the Video-Radio clips
Drafting the programme schedule for publication
Putting on V Radio Live “specials”, without restricted participation
Developing a customised digital platform where all the content will be made available and to activate participants
Planning and managing a team-based contest focused on business content

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